A guide to the 9 drivers that influence our motivational profiles.

Unlike personality, Motivation changes as our careers progress. We develop, so the things that are important to us change. As our circumstances evolve our priorities refocus to suit. In order to understand how different people are motivated differently a Motivational Map provides an ISO accredited Motivational Self Perception Inventory. The detailed reports that Motivational Maps create give insights to how your individuals and teams are performing and what actions you can take to improve.


Motivational profiles

The nine Motivators at work identified by Motivational Maps help you to see exactly what motivates your staff.


In order to be fully motivated the Searcher has a need to know that their work has a meaning. It is not sufficient for a Searcher to complete a task in isolation; she is not quarrying stone, but working on a team to build a cathedral.

It is important to the searcher that he understands how his efforts help toward to overall outcome of the work being done. Regular feedback about how the particular element of work that the Searcher undertakes interacts with that done by others, and how the overall project benefits from it is essential.

The Searcher wants to make a difference.


The Creator is motivated by being able to exercise his creativity, solving problems and developing new ideas and ways to do things. If you need to improve a process, a Creator will be very comfortable identifying changes to be made and novel methods to implement them.

The Creator wants to innovate.


The Spirit is motivated by being able to control her own actions. Times, places and methods of working should be left to the Spirit to decide. In order to get the best from the Spirit, set her clear objectives and allow her to achieve them in her own way.

The Spirit wants to be free.


The Builder is motivated by seeing a material result from their efforts. Linking a financial bonus or other material reward to the targets set for a person with a strong Builder Motivator will inspire them to achieve it.

The Builder wants to earn.


The Director motivator is best satisfied when the person is given control over a project. Having power and control, influencing how a task is completed by others and being in charge of the organisation of work is what enthuses the Director.

The Director wants responsibility.


Education, education, education. In order to satisfy the Expert motivator training and development of understanding is key. The Expert likes to know that what she is doing includes learning; she will take any opportunity to access training and learn from mentors.

The Expert wants mastery.


Interacting with people, building interpersonal relationships, relating to others is what the Friend motivator demands. Working in a group that gels, he will feel comfortable and included; maintaining relationships within the group is very important to him and working alone must be avoided.

The Friend wants to engage with others.


In order for the Star to shine it must be seen. The Star motivator looks for public recognition, awards, titles, medals. The Star relishes prominent roles where he can be seen by others, he is inspired to take a major role at events and meetings. The star needs to know that others acknowledge his achievements.

The Star wants public recognition.


A predictable future is important to the Defender. Structure, protocol and attention to detail all reinforce this for the Defender. The Defender should be made aware of the long‑term stability of the business and how her actions will help to maintain it.

The Defender wants security.

How to ensure each person and each team works at its optimum level

Everybody in your organisation has all nine motivators influencing his or her motivational drives. The relative importance of each one dictates what will motivate and demotivate any individual. These motivators can conflict with each other, either within a person’s own motivational profile or between individuals within a team. It is the manager’s job to recognise and reconcile these conflicts to ensure each person and each team works at its optimum level. This will be the subject of my next post.

Resulting in action.

This alternative way of moving forward has had a dramatic positive impact on our business.

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