Personal Performance Coaches and Decision Making Advisors

All businesses depend on people and as a result, the success of a business depends on their effectiveness. Business problems must be solved by people, your staff. Business improvements must come from improvements in how professionals perform. Many years combined experience as hands on Company Directors means that we at Heads for Business have a wide range of practical skills and knowledge that can help you to get the most from your employees. Business challenges demand a specialist approach that is defined by the nature of the solution required. Business problem solving is an art as well as a science and the insights that can be gained by using one of our expert coaches will demonstrate that a previously unconsidered solution may be just what you need. 

Licensed Motivational Maps Practitioners

Motivation changes as careers progress. As circumstances evolve priorities refocus. In order to understand how people are motivated a Motivational Map provides an ISO accredited Motivational Self Perception Inventory. The detailed reports that Motivational Maps create give insights into how your individuals and teams are performing and what actions you can take. You will see improvements in:

  • Staff Retention
  • Morale
  • Customer Experience
  • Efficiency
  • Team Cohesion
  • Financial Performance


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Non-Executive Directors

There are many disciplines in business, many you will have mastered, some you will be able to manage and a few that you recognise you need help with. All Senior Managers, Directors and Professionals experience this situation and many put up with for too long.

If you have identified that you might need more than coaching to help your business move forward, we can provide a longer-term engagement in the form of a Non-Executive Director.

A Non-Executive Director can deliver benefits in many ways, such as:

  • A sounding board for ideas
  • Industry knowledge and mentoring
  • Links with external organisations
  • Dedicated, structured support
  • Championing your business to the outside world
  • Bringing robust compliant systems to secure your growth

Engaging a Non-Executive Director is a big step and should not be rushed. An initial discussion with us will identify if it is the right move for you and give you some ideas about what to do next. Call us for a free and confidential consultation.

Resulting in action.

This alternative way of moving forward has had a dramatic positive impact on our business.

Damien Bove - Director, Adact Medical

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